Art Conservatory Tuition

2020-2021 Conservatory Tuition Schedule & Details

Tuition and fees go to ensuring professional instruction, high quality materials, and a clean, maintained studio space.

Tuition is based off of the number of courses the same child would take each week. They can be combined from all three conservatories or taken in one discipline. 

Payment Details

  • While you have the option to pay month to month, semester payments are discounted 5% from the monthly rate. Full year payments are discounted 10% from the monthly rate. Both discounts are already reflected in the table above.
  • Families who pay monthly will make payments each month September-June
  • Fall Term is September - December. Spring Term is January-June.
  • June tuition payment covers all expenses related to the Gallery Showing so families are not required to pay any extra fees or purchase tickets to attend this event.


  • Registration Fees: $35 per Student or $65 per Family This registration fee is waived for families of students enrolled at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts or Texas School of the Arts