FWAFA Middle School Play

FWAFA Middle School Play

FWAFA Middle School Play

October 16 – 18 | Online at ArtsAcademics.org/LIVE

The Adventures of Addie & Rouge

A Play by Reagan Kruse

Description: Thirteen-year-olds Addie and Nathan have been best friends for what seems like forever. He comes over to her house every weekend to play the latest video game in their favorite superhero series. So why does he seem distant upon his return from basketball camp? One night when Addie is looking through the old comics she and Nathan used to draw, an unexpected visitor, Rouge, turns up. Rouge is the surprisingly chatty living embodiment of the hero Addie created when she was a kid. Addie isn’t sure if Rouge is real or if she’s losing it, but like it or not, she must navigate the first week of eighth grade with the hero by her side. Rouge promises to help Addie mend her friendship with Nathan, but Addie must decide what’s truly important to her before it’s too late.

Addie & Rouge was written with middle school-aged actors in the middle of a pandemic!

This play is suitable for all ages.

The Many Adventures of Addie & Rouge Cast and Crew:
Addie – Courtney Doucet
Rouge – Kami Terry
Nathan – Liam Markland
Wyatt – Canton Hemenway
Ms. Reed – Acacia Thomas
Danielle – Saffron Makoutz
Michael – Roman Contreras
Alexis – Brooklyn Boucha
Leia – Mikayla Brownfield
Ella – Paloma Cepeda
Kaitlyn – Maddie Grim
Students – Amayah Collier, Anna Tabor
Director – Caroline Slaughter
Assistant Director – Tilly Klos
Stage Manager – William Bartell
Playwright – Reagan Kruse


Oct 16 - 18


7:00 pm






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