On April 9, 2021, Texas Center for Arts + Academics hosted our first ever virtual gala, “The Greatest Show in Fort Worth.” This year looked quite different than galas in the past, and what better a way to cap off our 75th year of arts and education in Fort Worth than by bring technical innovation to a spring staple! Thank you to all who joined us and supported our special event, schools and programs.

Streaming the gala from our respective homes, it was a night of closeness for our TCA+A community. Kicking off with a vibrant opening number featuring esteemed alumni and current students, our ringleader set the tone for eight interviews and more than a dozen alumni and current student performances. Over the course of the event, we raised more than $40,000 for our schools and programs ensuring our successful programs can continue and grow.

Thanks to our community of support enabling us to make dreams a reality for over 1,000 students in our schools, premier choirs, and conservatories.

Relive the Magic!

Jay Armstrong Johnson
Television and Broadway

Ahmad Simmons
Television and Broadway

Vanessa Becerra
International Opera

Nico Gutierrez

Antoinette Gan

Interviews with Notable Special Guests from Fort Worth and Beyond

Learn about Texas Center for Arts + Academics and our impact in the Fort Worth arts community through interviews with alumni, current students, program directors, principals and more! Hear directly from those who know the value and transformative power of an arts-based education.

Spectacular Performances from Current Students & Alumni

With nearly 1,000 students across 2 campuses and 20 years of alumni success, we are thrilled to feature the unique talents and professional performances from our beloved artists, talented dancers, creative musicians, and stars of the stage and screen.

A look back on 75 Years of Bright Lights and Bold Entertainment

Since 1946, we have brought a rich and vibrant history of creative, engaging, and timeless performances to the world. We open the vault for a few of our favorite memories from the past 75 years from the early days of Texas Boys Choir, Inc. to today!

Dan & Shelli Bates, Co-Chairs

Along with their three children, Fort Worth’s own Fab Five have given back to our community for many years. The Bates are honored to invest in our children’s success through education and scholarship.

Daniel, founder of the law firm Decker Jones, is a proud member of the Board of Directors for Texas Center for Arts + Academics.