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Texas Boys Choir Premieres New Work in Concert with Harvard Glee Club

January 3, 2019

FORT WORTH, Texas – January 3, 2019 – Texas Boys Choir will premiere “I Can Change the World,” a newly commissioned work by composer Dominick DiOrio, on January 18, 2019, 7 pm, in a joint concert with the Harvard Glee Club at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

The text of the piece was created by members of the Texas Boys Choir's Tour Choir during their August 2018 camp, where they were asked to write individual responses to the question "What does it mean to be a boy?" The responses were then sent to DiOrio, providing the text for his composition.

"DiOrio's I Can Change the World captures the essence of our boys' own words in a truly authentic way," said D. Jason Bishop, Artistic Director of Texas Boys Choir." The music is full of energy, both kinetic and potential, with driving rhythms and surprising dynamic contrasts. Like our boys, DiOrio's piece is confident, imaginative, and constantly in motion, while at the same time sensitive, emotionally reflective, and full of possibility."

Composer Dominick DiOrio is an associate professor of music at Indiana University and conductor of the critically acclaimed NOTUS Ensemble, which champions the development and performance of new works by living composers. In 2014, he won the American Prize in Composition, and his music has been performed in major venues around the world, with commissions from such groups as Cincinnati Vocal Arts Ensemble, the Choral Arts Society of Washington, and the "President's Own" United States Marine Band.

Harvard Glee Club will also perform on the program as part of their January 2019 tour of Texas. Founded in 1858, the Harvard Glee Club is among America's oldest collegiate choruses, with a mission to cultivate and sustain the art of men's choral music. Composed of undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of majors and backgrounds, Harvard Glee Club performs regularly on the Harvard University campus and in frequent touring engagements around the world.

"Texas Boys Choir and I are very excited to be hosting the Harvard Glee Club in Fort Worth," said Bishop. "It is a rare opportunity for one of the nation's oldest boy choirs to collaborate with one of the nation's oldest collegiate male choruses. We feel a special kinship with Harvard Glee Club because of the core values our organizations share: unity in brotherhood, joy in making music, and excellence in performance."

About Texas Boys Choir

Texas Boys Choir was founded in 1946 by American choral conductor, George Bragg. Determined to provide any boy regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background a structured environment in which to learn the fundamentals of world-class vocal performance, Texas Boys Choir began as a publicly supported, professional nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the vocal talents of gifted young men. Following an audition, accepted members of TBC begin intensive vocal training. They become part of a tradition of artistic and academic achievement that instills a love of artistic expression and a desire to succeed musically and academically.

All TBC members attend Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, where they receive extensive training in music and a rigorous academic education, learn self-discipline, develop self-confidence, and maintain high academic standards while devoting significant time outside of class for concerts and tours. Texas Boys Choir has traveled to numerous international destinations in its history including Australia, Japan, England, Mexico, Latvia and Germany. In May of 2012 the choir traveled to Argentina as the sole U.S. representative invited to the International Iguazú Festival for Youth Orchestras and Choirs. In May of 2016, the choir travelled to Germany and Austria visiting prestigious locations such as St. Stephen’s inVienna, and St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. During their visit, the group did cultural exchanges and shared concerts with the Wiltner Boy Choir of Innsbruck, the Dresden Kreuzchor, and the Vienna Boys Choir. Most recently, in July 2017, the choir embarked on a historic month-long concert tour of China. They visited 14 cities, presented a total of 15 sold-out concerts and concluded their visit with a performance at the prestigious National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. As a part of Texas Center for Arts + Academics, Texas Boys Choir and its sister institutions are designed to foster a lifelong passion for artistic and academic excellence.

About Texas Center for Arts + Academics

Four entities comprise Texas Center for Arts + Academics, two Texas charter schools Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) and Texas School of the Arts (TeSA), and two conservatories, Texas Boys Choir and Texas Dance Conservatory. All are based in Fort Worth, Texas. Together they educate over 900 students. Students audition to enroll in the schools and programs.

The Center exists to support a self-sustaining arts community through an arts-based academic education in its schools and high-quality artistic training in its conservatories. TCAA Students receive rigorous academic and unparalleled artistic instruction. One of the only organizations of its kind in the country and unique in North Texas, Texas Center for Arts + Academics is squarely focused on youth development through an arts-based academic worldview. Through its combination of conservatories and academic institutions, they provide an arts-based curriculum that celebrates a child’s unique talents while simultaneously ensuring an arts-rich future.

TCAA is guided by a board of directors that includes officers Melissa Goodroe, chairman of the board; Barry King, secretary; Daniel Bates, chair elect; Michael Wellbaum, past chair. Fellow directors are Linda Metcalf, Charles Reid, Leslie Scott, and Mary A. Zimmerman.

TCAA is on the web at