Isabella Rodriguez

Isabella Rodriguez, Secondary Dance

Isabella Rodriguez

Secondary Dance

# of years at FWAFA: 2

What is your highest degree and from what school? Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

What is your philosophy? “As an educator I believe it is my job to create a safe environment where my students feel comfortable in their journey towards discovering who they are as artist and as people. I strive to continuously encourage risk taking, self assessment for growth and development and most importantly a love for ones self and the work they put into the classroom each and everyday.

As a human being, love and kindness are never wasted. The world can always use more of both. “

Favorite Artist (musician, writer, director, painter, etc.): I have no favorites, I enjoy various artists!

What are your hobbies? Reading, Gardening, Spending time with my 2 pups, Running/Working out, Advocating for animal rights and Binge watching my favorite TV shows!