Tammy Austin

Tammy Austin, 4th Grade ELA

Tammy Austin

4th Grade Language Arts

# of years at FWAFA: 3

What is your highest degree and from what school? Bachelor of Science from TCU

What is your philosophy? First and foremost, I believe to achieve a higher-level of learning,  a student must feel that you value them. I have only the highest expectations for each and every student. My role as a teacher is to assist each child to develop their own learning style and reach their highest potential. I will facilitate this through teaching new strategies,  new ideas, and problem solving skills.

Favorite Artist (musician, writer, director, painter, etc.): Love all genres of music! Van Morrison,  Jimmy Buffet, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Green Day, George Straight,  Garth Brooks

What are your hobbies? Travel, concerts, college football, water sports, landscaping