Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6th is the 4th Grade Writing STAAR. Our 4th grade At-Home and In-School students will be testing at TeSA. All other grade-levels will continue instruction as normal. While it will be a typical day for most of our In-School students, we will have a few changes to help provide a successful testing environment for our 4th graders. We will:

  • Move 3rd grade to another hallway so they can continue instruction as planned.
  • Keep all hallway lights dim.
  • Turn off our bells and refrain from using the intercom system.
  • Ask all students to stay silent in the halls and bathrooms.

While the state has waived accountability factors related to the STAAR, the test is still mandatory and required to be taken on campus. The data from all STAAR testing will be helpful to our teachers next year as they plan instruction and strategies to best meet the needs of every student. Thank you for making sure your child is in attendance on campus for all testing days!

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