• The class schedule is the same if you select in person or online for your Conservatory group class.
  • Families will have the opportunity to change between the two options each month.
  • Students and faculty participating in our in person classes will have safety protocols and procedures to follow while inside the building.
  • All Private Lessons will remain online only through the end of the fall semester.

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Award-Winning Fine Arts

In 2014, Texas Center for Arts + Academics began working with a professional advisory group that included dancers and educators from academia and performing arts, to carefully assess the viability of a new dance school.  Following a summer series of master classes, Texas Dance Conservatory opened in Fall 2015 with a vision to provide rigorous, disciplined training to nurture the growth and development of young dancers within a fun, accessible and inclusive environment.

Building off our dedication to teaching, mentoring and inspiring students in the arts, Texas Art Conservatory was founded in Spring 2019 to inspire young artists interested in 2D and 3D art forms and nurture students abilities to create and imagine.

Because of the success of these programs, in 2020 Texas Center for Arts + Academics is proud to announce the opening of Texas Music Conservatory. Texas Music Conservatory courses are designed to engage the student in the fundamentals of music literacy, healthy vocal technique and inspire a sense of self independence and collaboration with peers.

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Texas Art Conservatory

Developing artists who have a strong technical foundation and a vast knowledge of art history and influential artists. Through two dimensional and three dimensional media processes we provide space for artists to develop a passion for exploring and developing their own personal aesthetic.

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Texas Dance Conservatory

Developing versatile, healthy dancers, to contribute to the dance community through professional collaboration and to inspire a passion for artistic excellence. Classical ballet is the foundation upon which we build balanced training in other styles including modern dance, jazz and creative movement.

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Texas Music Conservatory

Engaging musicians with rigorous instruction in a challenging, but supportive, environment. With a foundation in music literacy, and an emphasis on healthy vocal techniques, members will build a sense of self independence along with becoming a part of a positive collaborative environment.

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