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Our Faculty is our Greatest Resource

The number one reason teachers leave our schools is compensation. Because we are a charter school, we do not have access to funding streams that public ISDs have, and as a result, do not have the same pay scales other districts do. A starting salary at FWAFA and TeSA is approximately $13,000 less than a starting salary at FWISD.

For the months of April and May, we are fundraising to create a a Faculty Fund for both FWAFA and TeSA. The money raised will go directly to our deserving teachers.

Our teachers are our most valuable resource and achieve so much despite setbacks like smaller budgets and working through a global pandemic. Based on our rankings, the education a child gets at FWAFA and TeSA rivals those of private schools that can cost over $20,000 annually.

We urge you to give to our Faculty Fund today. Let’s show our wonderful faculty that we support and admire all the hard work they do. Let’s give back to those who do so much for us.

All donors will be recognized online and will be named in a special thank you card to each staff member.

Donate to the FWAFA Faculty Fund

Make a monetary gift to support our talented faculty

Donate to the TeSA Faculty Fund

Make a monetary gift to support our talented faculty

Thank You For Supporting the Faculty Funds!

TeSA Faculty Fund Donors 6.20

FWAFA Faculty Fund Donors 6.20
*Donors as of June 20, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are faculty at FWAFA and TeSA paid less than faculty at other schools?

Public ISDs receive both state and local funds while charters only receive state revenue. Local revenue accounts for half of ISD budgets. According to TEA, Charters receive $678 less per student per year than ISDs. 

How much should I give?

If each of our families gave $200 per student, that would equate to $3,000 per teacher. We just ask that you give generously what you can.

Can my gift be split between the schools?

For auditing purposes and to ensure all dollars raised go directly to our faculty, we must have two separate funds – one for FWAFA and one for TeSA. For those who want to support teachers at both schools, you must make a gift to each fund.

Will this be an ongoing fundraiser?

Yes! We hope this year’s faculty fundraising initiative will be successful and something that will continue to grow year after year. 

What else can be done to increase teacher compensation?

The leadership at TCA+A is focused on attracting and retaining top teachers. In addition to creating the Faculty Funds, we are working to create equitable compensation guidelines to ensure our teachers are not only paid fairly, but are also rewarded for longevity and extra job responsibilities.

We hope to use a portion of this fund to reward staff who return to teach year after year. How great would it be to give teachers a monetary gift to honor their 5 year, 10 year, and 15+ year anniversaries with us?!

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Please reach out to our Development Director, Lauren Whitson, for more information.

Texas Center for Arts Academics TCAA Staff

Donate to the Faculty Fund


Supporting Texas Center for Arts + Academics

Texas Center for Arts + Academics relies on the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors, institutional funders, and business partnerships to provide our students robust educational opportunities that wouldn’t be possible if we relied solely on state funding.

Donations also allow us to expand the reach of our community programs, premier choirs, and summer camps. Since 1946, Texas Center for Arts + Academics has made long-term investments in our students’ talents and successes within the greater Fort Worth Arts Community and beyond.

Donations to Texas Center for Arts + Academics enable us to: 

  • Provide supplies for our classrooms
  • Update and expand our instruction materials
  • Reduce the financial burden on our families for activities
  • Fund travel for performances for our students
  • Provide Scholarships
  • Underwrite Performances
  • Pay for costuming and makeup supplies
  • Pay for technology upgrades
  • District Level Support
  • And much more!

Ways to Donate

Recurring Donations

Our recurring donors are TCA+A’s most loyal and passionate supporters. Donations of any amount on a monthly basis allow us to provide sustained impact of our programming for the students. To set up a recurring donation and become an esteemed supporter of our work, please click here.

Annual Fund

This annual fundraising drive occurs each fall and is celebrated with several special events. To be notified when our annual fund begins, please join our mailing list.

In-Kind Donations

With bustling theatre, visual art, choral and dance programs, we are always in need of various materials for classes and performances. Providing an in-kind donation in lieu of, or alongside a financial donation, goes a long way.

We are currently surveying our teachers for a wish list of items and will include a link here when it is completed. 

Corporate Giving

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to the arts and build a partnership with Texas Center for Arts + Academics. We offer a variety of ways for companies and their employees to become involved and engaged in the arts. If you are interested in corporate giving, donation matching, or setting up a fundraiser at your place of work, please e-mail our Development Director and we can customize something unique to meet your needs.

Planned Giving

Throughout our history, Texas Center for Arts + Academics has received support from many thoughtful individuals who, through financial and estate planning, have helped ensure the organization’s ability to inspire and engage students for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family to reach your philanthropic goals. Please reach out to our Development Director to set up a time to connect.

TCAA Dance Students

On behalf of our students, teachers, and staff here at Texas Center for Arts + Academics, thank you for your support. It is because of donors like you that we are able to do so much of what makes our programs the best in Fort Worth.