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Frequently Asked Questions

When is open enrollment?

Open Enrollment for an upcoming school year begins the 2nd Wednesday in January and runs approximately 30 days. For the 2021-2022 school year, open enrollment is January 13-February 15, 2021.

Does my student have to audition to be accepted?

Yes, all students are required to audition and meet the requirements for acceptance.

Where do I find admissions and audition information?

You will find everything you need to know on our website, www.artsacademics.org/academies/tesa/apply-to-tesa/.

What fine arts are offered for auditions ?

Students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd-grade audition in all four fine art areas: Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance and Music. Students in grades 3 through 6 must audition in one of the following areas: Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, and Music but have the option to audition in a second area if they choose.

What is required of my student during an audition?

Requirements for each grade level and fine art can be found at www.artsacademics.org/academies/tesa/apply-to-tesa/. We also offer Admission and Audition workshops.

When will audition results be released?

Results are typically mailed the third week of March.

If my child gets into TeSA, do they need to re-audition each year?

No, your child does not have to re-audition each year.

What are the average class sizes at TeSA?

Class size ranges from 15 students per class in Kindergarten to 20 students per class in grades 1-6.

How many openings do you have each year and how many people apply?

This varies greatly from year-to-year and grade-to-grade. The only numbers that are consistent every year are 30 openings for kindergarten. Any other openings depend on current students’ enrollment decisions. The number of auditioning applicants also varies; therefore, we are not able to provide consistent data on that topic.

What curriculum does TeSA use?

Although we specialize in fine arts, we put a premium on a high-quality education. The curriculum at TeSA is locally developed and TEKS-based. It is aligned throughout grade levels and is open to individual teacher creativity in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to integrate aspects of the arts in academic courses.

Does TeSA have a special education program?

Yes. We are a public school and, as such, provide special services for qualifying students.

Does TeSA participate in state testing?

Texas School of the Arts (TeSA) students participate in STAAR testing to evaluate TEKS standards beginning in 3rd grade and continuing through 6th grade. Students take STAAR tests for reading and math at the end of every grade level. They are tested for writing proficiency in 4th grade and in 5th grade they are tested in science. Stanford and OLSAT tests are given to all students in the fall of each year as national comparative and general school ability assessment.

What time is the school day?

Our day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:45 pm. This is a longer school day than most area schools in order to accommodate additional fine arts in our students’ school day.

Is there tuition?

No. As a public charter school there is no charge for students to attend.

Do you charge activity fees?

No, TeSA does not charge activity fees.

Does TeSA have a uniform requirement?

Yes. All uniforms must be purchased at our preferred vendor, Flynn O’Hara. Please see our website for more details under Student Resources. You can also find more information in the student handbook also located under Student Resources.

Does TeSA provide transportation?

No, transportation is the parent’s responsibility. Although, we do try to provide opportunities for parents to connect with carpools.