Texas Boys Choir

Texas Boys Choir has earned its reputation as one of the best boys choirs in the world instilling a love of artistic expression and a desire to succeed in its young members since 1946.

As a world-class boys choir since 1946, Texas Boys Choir’s mission is to develop personal excellence & inspire a lifelong passion for music and choral artistry. The choir has been an educational and performance institution that continues to provide any boy, regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background, a structured environment in which to learn the fundamentals of world-class vocal performance.

For young men in grades 3-12 who possess musical ability and a love of music, membership in Texas Boys Choir can open doors to an exciting world, one that can make a tremendous difference in their lives and in the lives of audiences around the globe.

TBC Tour Choir

Membership in TBC Tour Choir is reserved for boys ages 10 to 18 who are the highest-achieving members of our organization. This choir prepares and performs music as a mixed SATB ensemble as well as both a Treble and a Men’s ensemble. Tour Choir learns advanced musical concepts and maintains a heavy performance schedule, with an average of 50 to 60 performances per year. In the interest of creating community within the choir, as well as maintaining its profile as one of the oldest and most accomplished boychoirs in the country. TBC Tour Choir travels either domestically or internationally every year.

TBC Young Men's Ensemble

Young Men’s Ensemble is a Tenor-Bass choir comprised of 7th through 12th graders. It provides TBC members a fully inclusive environment as they begin to navigate their changing voice while still giving them the opportunity to learn and perform with an advanced ensemble.

TBC Training Choir

TBC Training Choir is comprised of boys in 3rd and 4th grade who are learning the fundamentals of music literacy, sight-reading, and vocal technique. In addition to core musical concepts, TBC Training Choir focuses on the tenets of expression, discipline, and brotherhood with the hope that these characteristics will be present in the rehearsal room as well as in their daily lives.

Support TBC

Texas Boys Choir Tuxedo Performance

The generous support of foundations, corporations, and especially individual donors passionate about the choir have allowed us to provide these unique musical opportunities for over 75 years. We hope you will join us as a supporting member of Texas Boys Choir. 

Texas Boys Choir with The Pope
Texas Boys Choir Students

Book TBC for your Next Event

There is no better way to experience the vocal artistry of the Texas Boys Choir than a live performance. With a diverse and engaging repertoire, Texas Boys Choir can seamlessly create an elegant background or take center stage at any event. Texas Boys Choir have performed at movie premiers, football games, weddings, church events, private parties, Carnnegie Hall and more. Notable supporters include President George H. W. Bush and Pope Paul VI. Whatever the venue or occasion, Texas Boys Choir will bring music to the ears and joy to the hearts of all your guests.