Make a Difference

Each academic year, the generosity of our faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends helps us adds robust and diverse opportunities for over 1,200 students that simply wouldn’t be possible if we relied solely on state funding.

The Annual Fund Campaign enriches the ongoing excellence of Texas Center for Arts + Academics programs academic programs and student activities. Your gift, no matter what the size, is vital to our continued success and our ability to provide support and educational opportunities to our artists, performers, and musicians year-round. From summer camps to Christmas Performances, the annual fund bolsters our operational capacity.  

We hope you will join us in supporting Texas Center for Arts + Academics during our annual fund drive.

Perhaps most impactful of all, annual fund donations and community support allow us to grow and expand, transforming the reach of our schools, community programs, premier choirs, and summer camps. Since 1946, Texas Center for Arts + Academics has made long-term investments in our students’ talents and success within the greater Fort Worth Arts Community and beyond. We can continue doing that with your financial support.

Contributions to the annual fund go directly to: 

  • Provide supplies for our classrooms
  • Update and expand our instruction materials
  • Pay for technology upgrades
  • Reduce the financial burden on our families for activities
  • Fund travel for performances for our students
  • Underwrite Performances
  • Pay for costuming and make up supplies
  • Cover District Level Support
  • And much more!

A single gift of $120 per student
or $10 per month.

A sustaining gifts says that you believe in our mission, and support us furthering arts AND academics together!

A single gift of $300 per student
or $25 per month.

This is our most selected option for parents of students.

+1 Showpass, a $200 value!

A single gift of $900+
or $75+ per month.

Make a gift that keeps on giving and supports our schools for years.

+2 Showpasses, up to $400 value!


One Ticket. Incredible Value.

Donors who give at the impact or leadership levels will receive showpasses as a special thank you! Showpasses provide one free ticket to each signature and premier event. Over 15 shows with one ticket – a $200 value.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly drive to raise money for our students’ programs and services to be used and counted on throughout the year. Donors can chose to make a 1-time gift or set up recurring donations.

Why is the Annual Fund important?

The Annual Fund helps TCA+A cover costs accrued throughout the year and provide the means for us to underwrite, plan, and explore new opportunities for our schools, conservatories, and choirs that would not be possible without community support.

When is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund Campaign runs from September 23, 2021 until October 14, 2021. We are thankful for donations year-round, with donations received during this time having extra impact to our organizational capacity year-round.


Why should I contribute?

If you believe in the benefit of our schools and programs, and wish to contribute to the flourishing arts community, know that every contribution, from $7.50 to $750 makes a difference in the services we can provide and the student experience on campus.

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts FWAFA

On behalf of our students, teachers, and staff here at Texas Center for Arts + Academics, thank you for your support. It is because of donors like you that we are able to do so much of what makes our programs the best in Fort Worth.