Texas School of the Arts TeSA Monday Message

TCA+A Health Plans

Our students’ safety is our first priority! We want all of our students to feel safe so they can focus on learning. We do this by making sure our building is up to code, training our teachers and staff how to handle emergencies, providing social and emotional support, and doing what we can to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

On Thursday afternoon, Commissioner Morath outlined 2021-2022 health guidance and protocols for school districts. Our TCA+A team has carefully reviewed all documentation provided by the Texas Education Agency to create a plan for both Texas School of the Arts and Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. Click HERE to see how our plan is in compliance with all state laws, and goes above and beyond to take care of our students and staff.


1. Let Us Know Your Plans

Please fill out this quick survey to let us know your plans for your child’s lunch and before/after school care. This information is crucial to making sure we order the appropriate amount of food and have enough staff on hand to take care of our students!

2. Sign the Handbook Acknowledgement Form

The 2021-2022 TeSA Student Handbook has been approved by the Board and is available on the website. Changes include the updated dress code linked above and various minor updates to reflect TeSA, TCA+A, and Texas Education Agency policies. The only curriculum change from 2020-2021 is a switch in Fine Arts/P.E. grading from ABCF to ESNU. More details will be provided on Back to School Night. After viewing the handbook, parents should click HERE to acknowledge accessibility and understanding.

3. Check Parent Portal

Many families have not completed the registration/enrollment process in the Parent Portal. ALL forms are due for EVERY family. If you are having issues with your account, email tammy.smith@mytesa.org.

4. Finish Summer Assignments

There are just a few weeks left to finish our TeSA summer assignments. Click HERE to view your child’s work. Information about how these will be graded will be provided during the Back to School Night.

5. Purchase School Supplies

If you’d like to purchase your child’s school supplies individually, please click HERE to view the list and be sure to purchase the exact brand, color, size, etc. for each item. Or, if you’d rather let the teachers do the shopping for you, you can purchase school supplies through the TeSA PTO.

TeSA PTO School Supply Fee

We are happy to offer flexible payment options for school supply fees again this year! Now is a great time to begin making payments on your school supply fee(s).

There are multiple payment options, all due in full by AUGUST 5th.

1. ONE time payment (paid by August 5th)

2. TWO monthly payments of (June, July)

3. THREE monthly payments (June, July, August)

*A processing fee of $3.50 will be added to each payment option. There will only be ONE fee per family.*

4. CASH: Families will have the option to make a ONE time payment in EXACT cash for $85 per student to the front office by AUGUST 5th; payment plans are not available for cash payments. Cash payments will NOT be charged the additional $3.50 processing fee.


For your security, no credit card information will be saved and you will have to input your information with each payment. No matter the payment option, all balances are due by August 5th. If you have any issues, please send an email to fundraising.tesa.pto@gmail.com and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

We hope these payment options have helped alleviate some of the stress of having to pay school supply fees all at once during back-to-school time. You are allowed to bring your own supplies instead of paying the supply fee, however supplies must be the exact brand, size, color and amount as listed by the teachers in your grade.

Click HERE to order now! Thank you from your TeSA PTO!

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