Texas School of the Arts TeSA Monday Message

TeSA Families,

As a uniformed school, we take pride in seeing our students representing TeSA through their clothing. We know Flynn O’Hara has many items on back-order, and we appreciate everyone trying to dress as closely to the requirements as possible while waiting on missing items. Thank you for referencing the dress code policy in the handbook and linked below. Please note the following most common uniform concerns:

  • All sweaters/jackets must contain a TeSA logo. Non-TeSA hoodies, jackets, etc. are only allowed outside for arrival, recess, and dismissal.
  • All khaki skirts, shorts, and pants must match the Flynn O’Hara style and color. If you chose to select these items at another store, please bring along a picture for reference.
  • Only the TeSA P.E./Dance shirt or a solid grey shirt are allowed in P.E. (Unfortunately, there was a misprint on the website regarding COWTOWN and Field Day shirts. Those shirts should be saved for Spirit Days only.)
  • Students may wear any style or color of closed-toe/closed-heel shoes, but tennis shoes must be worn for PE.

If your child is out of uniform compliance, one of the teachers will be sending home a dress code violation form. If you have any questions or concerns about the dress code, please reach out.

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