Texas School of the Arts TeSA Monday Message

Dismissal Concerns

TeSA Families,

We’ve noticed an increase in homemade/missing car signs. If you need a new sign, please email¬†tammy.smith@mytesa.org. These are printed with two signs on one paper so you have an extra for another car/driver. We are happy to print as many as you need. Our driveline procedure is for car signs to be hanging from the rearview mirror until AFTER your child is in the car. This helps us keep the flow of traffic and know we’ve matched the right student to the driver.

Additionally, there have recently been several 2nd-5th grade families arriving early and coming through the K-1st line prior to 3:45. Although we are sometimes able to grab an older student in transition, 2nd-5th students are still in class until 3:42. When vehicles have to pull up to the curb and wait on older children, this causes a safety concern for our walk-up students and cars pulling around to exit. Thank you for using the 2nd-5th lane until the sign is flipped around showing both lanes are open.

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