Accepting New Applications

FWAFA and TeSA will be accepting New applications for specific grade levels.

The Texas Center for Arts + Academics is delighted to announce that the initial batch of acceptance letters has been dispatched to the exceptional students who applied and were admitted to the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) and Texas School of the Arts (TeSA). Upon careful evaluation of the current admissions, it has been determined that there are still vacancies available for new applications in certain grade levels. Both FWAFA and TeSA are pleased to welcome new applications in the specified grade levels:


4th and 11th Grade


Kinder, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Grade

Applications are currently under review, and a notification will be sent within 48 hours to inform applicants of their audition dates and times. Applications sent over a weekend or holiday will receive more information on the next business day.

All other grade levels are currently full, and we will reassess weekly to update students on the waitlist regarding their status.

We are grateful for all applicants and eagerly anticipate welcoming the new group of scholars and artists.