We've Started a Movement

Our mission is to inspire in artistically talented students a lifelong passion for learning, empowering them to achieve academic and artistic excellence.

We are passionate about instilling creative inspiration in our students and community.

Our approach focuses on rigorous academics through an arts-based approach, encouraging more creative thinking and innovation.

Who We Are

Texas Center for Arts + Academics is a North Texas educational nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring young people through an arts-based, academic world-view.

What We Do

We believe in providing a variety of avenues through which to celebrate and nurture the unique gifts and creative talents of our community. Our two public charter schools - Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts and Texas School of the Arts - and specialized conservatories deliver high quality arts training in a unique and proven way.

Why We Do It

The combination of arts and academics reflects our larger role in the community - to help ensure a self-sustaining arts culture.