Lori Vasquez, M.A.

Lori Vasquez

Lori Vasquez, M.A.

Elementary Dance

# of years at FWAFA: 1st year at FWAFA and I’ve been teaching at the after-school Dance Conservatory for 4 years!

What is your highest degree and from which school? Master’s of Arts in Teaching, Texas Woman’s University 

What do you love most about FWAFA? The community 

What is something that makes YOU unique? I am a HUGE Disney Fan. I am obsessed with Disney Characters and music.

What is your philosophy?  To foster meaningful relationships that create a safe place for my students to nurture and grow. Now in order to have that relationship and safe environment you need trust, respect, and collaboration to be able to work together to get that point. 

Favorite Artist (musician, writer, director, painter, etc.): Misty Copeland

What are your hobbies? Reading