TCAA Administration

Patricia Thomson, Interim President, CEO

Patricia Thomson, Ph.D.

Interim President - CEO

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Nancy Vaughan, Ed.D

Interim Superintendent

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817-766-2390 ext. 107

Penny Clay, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Penny Clay

Exec. Assistant & Board Liaison

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817-766-2390 ext. 171

Betsy Compton, Curriculum and Instruction Director

Betsy Compton

Curriculum & Instruction Director

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817-766-2390 ext. 124

Sheyna Ferraro, Community Programs Director

Sheyna Ferraro

Community Programs Director

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Phillip Garrott, Development Director

Phillip Garrott

Development Director

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817-766-2390 x 172

Janelle Grau, Finance Director

Janelle Grau

Finance Director

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817-766-2390 ext. 104

Deborah Phillips, PEIMS Coordinator and Office Manager

Deborah Phillips

Office Manager & PEIMS Coordinator

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817-924-1482 ext. 105

Monica Sheehan, Marketing and Communications Manager

Monica Sheehan

Marketing Communications Manager

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817-766-2390 x 113

Emily Brandt, Development Coordinator

Emily Brandt

Development Coordinator

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817-766-2390 x 161

Paula Fukuhara, Fine Arts Administrative Assistant

Paula Fukuhara

Fine Arts Administrative Assistant

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817-766-2390 ext. 112

Jocelyn Greenman, Payables Clerk

Jocelyn Greenman

Payables Clerk

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817-766-2390 ext. 160

Samantha Morales, Graphic Designer

Samantha Morales

Graphic Designer

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817-766-2390 x 103