Texas Music Conservatory Students

New afterschool program, Texas Music Conservatory builds on the legacy of Texas Boys Choir. 

May 8, 2020 

FORT WORTH, Texas – Texas Center for Arts + Academics (TCAA) launches Its newest after-school program, Texas Music Conservatory, after successful launches of Texas Dance Conservatory and Texas Art Conservatory. Offering ensemble and private music lessons, Texas Music Conservatory brings professional training to developing musicians in grades K-12. During each year-long, after-school course, students will learn the fundamentals of music literacy, healthy vocal technique, and how to build a sense of self-independence and collaborate with their peers.  

Ensembles will be led under the direction of the Artistic Directors from Texas Boys Choir (TBC) and Singing Girls of Texas (SGT). Private lesson experiences offer students the opportunity for one-on-one feedback and skill development. Our curriculum has foundations in Kodaly methods of solfege training and extended artistic training based on the National Core Art Standards and beyond. Classes are taught in a safe and supportive environment, nurturing students’ natural abilities and building upon them.  

Classes will be taught at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts and Texas School of the Arts by highly qualified, credentialed faculty. Specific offerings and location are dependent upon grade level and course type. Registration for Fall courses is now open at ArtsAcademics.org/conservatories/music-conservatory

About Texas Center for Arts + Academics 

Texas Center for Arts + Academics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the development of young people through arts-based programs. Texas Center for Arts + Academics oversees the only fine-arts-focused charter schools in Fort Worth, Texas School of the Arts and Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, which offer students daily access to music, theatre, dance and visual art instruction alongside rigorous academic curriculum.  

It is our passion to celebrate and nurture the creative talents of our community. Our organization strives to make the arts accessible to all. In addition to our two schools, we manage Texas Boys Choir, Texas Art Conservatory, Texas Dance Conservatory, Texas Music Conservatory, and various summer programs that make the arts accessible to all, all year round. Furthermore, through community partnerships with other local non-profits, schools, arts organizations, and businesses, we provide resources that bring children from all backgrounds opportunities to experience and engage in the visual and performing arts. It is our hope to encourage more creative thinking and an appreciation of the arts to help ensure a self-sustaining arts culture. 

For more information on Texas Center for Arts + Academics or the Texas Music Conservatory, visit ArtsAcademics.org