Texas Center for Arts + Academics 75th Anniversary

Engaging musicians with rigorous instruction in a challenging, but supportive, environment. With a foundation in music literacy, and an emphasis on healthy vocal techniques, members will build a sense of self independence along with becoming a part of a positive collaborative environment.

Experience the Texas Music Conservatory Difference

Texas Music Conservatory offers both ensemble and private music lessons for developing musicians in grades K-12. During each year-long, afterschool course, students will learn the fundamentals of music literacy, healthy vocal technique, and how to build a sense of self independence and collaboration with their peers. Our curriculum has foundations in Kodaly methods of solfege training and extended artistic training based on the National Core Art Standards and beyond.

Ensembles will be lead under the direction of the Artistic Directors from the Texas Boys Choir and Singing Girls of Texas. Private lesson experiences offer students the opportunity for one on one feedback and skill development. Classes are taught in a safe and supportive environment, nurturing students’ natural abilities and building upon them.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an after-school music program. So what sets Texas Music Conservatory apart? Here are just a few great reasons:

  • Collaborative Ensemble Experienceo Through mentorships and combined performances, the ensembles will benefit from direct interactions from our professional level choirs.
  • Positive and Productive EnvironmentDesigned to nurture the growth of young musicians in a fun, accessible and inclusive environment.
  • Versatile Skill Developmento Through the combination of music literacy and healthy vocal techniques studies in each class, students build increased vocabulary, understanding, and capabilities of the art form.
  • Outstanding FacultyOur highly-trained faculty is committed to providing a high quality experience for dancers and parents alike.

2020-2021 Season

Year 1 for Texas Music Conservatory promises to be full of excitement. From new ensembles to focused private lessons we know our musicians will feel supported and encouraged. This program is excited to offer a place for students who sing for fun as well as students who are working towards professional careers. In June we will celebrate with our first music recital ever and plan to establish traditions that will be experienced by students for years to come.

“With our after-school programs, your child can explore and broaden their musical literacy and connection to music either through one of our ensembles, private voice lessons, or both!” – Kerra Simmons, Interim Artistic Director