Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts FWAFA From the Principals Desk

It was so great to see everyone today for what promises to be the best year yet at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts! We had a fantastic day!

Here’s just a few notes about the day:

1. Please remember there’s no dropping off in the teacher’s parking lot in the morning. Either drop off in the back by the vending machines, in the front by the lobby, or at the south end where the elementary classrooms are. Be on time! Students are considered tardy at 8:00 a.m. sharp!

2. Keep traffic moving on Hulen. There’s no picking up your student on Hulen in the afternoon. This is extremely dangerous and backs up traffic. Please do not park your car in the middle of the street on Arborlawn blocking traffic to walk and pick up your child. This also backs up traffic on Hulen.

I appreciate everyone staying cool, calm, and hyper aware of their surroundings as students are exiting all sides of the building. Discuss your pick up spot with your student so they know where to look for you. We will all get in a groove in few days and traffic will flow faster. Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we move traffic through safely and quickly.

3. Microwaves will be placed back in the cafeteria by the end of the week.

4. See the links below for Locker Requests and Schedule Changes. If you are having problems opening your locker, please see Ms. Warner in the front office or Mr. Michler located on the main floor elementary hallway.

5. Please see the website under the Resources tab if you have questions about lunch, dress code, bell schedules, the Student Handbook, etc. You can find all of the information that you are looking for there.

6. We are working on our plan to distribute Chromebooks/laptops as quickly as we can. I will have more details about our distribution date in next Monday’s newsletter. Right now, the best thing to do is to let me know that you need a device by completing the Technology Needs Survey that is below in the newsletter. This will give me a head count of how many devices that we will need.

I think that’s it for first day questions! 🙂

Our official Meet the Teacher Night will be on Thursday, August 26. Families of elementary students will be able to meet both their fine arts and academic teachers that evening. Families of middle school and high school students will follow their student’s schedules to meet teachers class by class and hear what is in store for students this year. I will have more details about the Meet the Teacher Night in a JupiterEd email later this week and in next week’s newsletter. Just save the date for now.

To read the full newsletter, CLICK HERE.