TeSA Student Life

Opportunities to Learn More

At TeSA, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom. To foster a lifelong passion for the arts, we offer numerous activities, clubs, and trips for students to pursue their passions and tailor their educational experience to their interests. 

What are the average class sizes at TeSA?

Class size ranges from 15 students per class in Kindergarten to 20 students per class in grades 1-6.

What curriculum does TeSA use?

Although we specialize in fine arts, we put a premium on a high-quality education. The curriculum at TeSA is locally developed and TEKS-based. It is aligned throughout grade levels and is open to individual teacher creativity in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to integrate aspects of the arts in academic courses.

What time is the school day?

Our day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:45 pm. This is a longer school day than most area schools in order to accommodate additional fine arts in our students’ school day.

Does TeSA charge activity fees?

No, TeSA does not charge activity fees.

Does TeSA have a uniform requirement?

Yes. All uniforms must be purchased at our preferred vendor, Flynn O’Hara. Please see our website for more details under Student Resources. You can also find more information in the student handbook also located under Student Resources.

Student Field Trips

Learning happens both on and off campus

Our Field Trips include

Kindergarten & 1st grade: The Pumpkin Patch, Stock show & Christmas Tree Farm.

2nd: Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth Stockyards & Casa Manana Theater. 

3rd: Amon Carter Museum & Fort Worth Museum of Science & History.

4th: Trip to Austin!

5th: Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

6th: Six Flags, Jelly Stone & Perot Museum


Student Activities

TeSA has many traditions our students and parents look forward to each year. Every six weeks we host a recognition assembly for our Honor Roll students and those with Perfect Attendance. Our school years include:

Storybook Character Parade

Red Wibbon Week

Career Day

Book Fairs


Science Fair

Discovery fair

Holiday activities include multi-cultural Holidays Around the World and a spooky Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Carnival. Finally, some of our most memorable days find students dressing up as if they were 100 years old, as if they were from the 1950s and more.  


The TeSA Experience

Our young artists at TeSA express themselves more definitively, articulate more clearly, and tend to have a greater understanding of the world around them than young people who are not exposed to the arts.