Texas Center for Arts + Academics 75th Anniversary


  • The class schedule is the same if you select in person or online for your Conservatory group class.
  • Families will have the opportunity to change between the two options each month.
  • Students and faculty participating in our in person classes will have safety protocols and procedures to follow while inside the building.
  • All Private Lessons will remain online only through the end of the fall semester.

Developing artists who have a strong technical foundation and a vast knowledge of art history and influential artists. Through two dimensional and three dimensional media processes we provide space for artists to develop a passion for exploring and developing their own personal aesthetic.

Experience the Texas Art Conservatory Difference

Texas Art Conservatory offers intensive courses of study for students in grades 3-12, designed to develop foundations in technical visual art skills in both 2-D and 3-D media processes. During each year-long, afterschool course, students will create pieces which can be used to begin developing a personal portfolio. Each class will be taught by degreed instructors, who are active local artists with expertise in their art form. As courses are added to the program, Texas Art Conservatory will expand its curriculum, offering courses and workshops year round and establish a progressing path for students to develop their skill and artistry.

With highly credentialed instructors, students will develop critical thinking skills, strengthen their hand-eye coordination, and increase their capacity to problem-solve and connect ideas. As a result of the progressing curriculum, participants will expand their abilities in nonverbal communication and fine motor skills, their ability to create and imagine, and their understanding of art history and important artists. Classes are taught in a safe and supportive environment, nurturing students’ natural abilities and building upon them.

We know you have choices when it comes to choosing an afterschool art program so what sets Texas Art Conservatory apart? Here are just a few great reasons:

  • Deep Dive into Skill DevelopmentWith an emphasis on skill development, students will have the time and personal attention from their instructor to hone their skills during studio time.
  • Positive and Productive EnvironmentDesigned to nurture the growth of young artists in a fun, accessible, and inclusive environment.
  • Versatile Skill DevelopmentStudents expand their nonverbal communication and fine motor skills, their ability to create and imagine, and their understanding of art history and important artists.
  • Outstanding FacultyOur highly-trained faculty is committed to providing a high-quality experience for artists and parents alike.

2020-2021 Season

As Texas Art Conservatory enters its 2nd full year we are incredibly excited to offer our first set of full year courses. We are thrilled to see what our artists will accomplish when they are able to dive deep into their technique from the end of August through the beginning of June. We will also host our very first Gallery Showing in June so all participants will be able to learn how to display and talk about their work for a public setting.