Karen Mueller

Karen Mueller, Secondary Civics

Karen Mueller

Secondary Social Studies, Dept. Chair, & Student Council Sponsor


# of years at FWAFA: 9

What is your highest degree and from what school? BS in Social Studies, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

What do you love most about FWAFA? FWAFA is a safe family of incredibly gifted students and staff!  We appreciate and support our diverse population with rigorous artistic and academic training.

What is something that makes YOU unique? I am a nerd!  I love, love Star Wars!  Have watched all Star Wars movies multiple times, read many Star Wars books and comics, and watch the various animated Star Wars series on Disney+.  I also watch anime and play Dungeons and Dragons.

What is your philosophy? Embrace change.  Be flexible.  Do your best, and when that’s not possible, do better next time.

Favorite Artist (musician, writer, director, painter, etc.): John Williams, Steven Spielberg, James Rollins

What are your hobbies? Cooking, Traveling to Orlando, Bicycling, Home Projects