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Registration Now Open for 2022-2023 Season

Classes begin the week of August 29, 2022 and run through June 3, 2023.

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Dance Conservatory Classes
Dance Conservatory Schedule

Dance Class Descriptions

Texas Dance Conservatory classes are designed to engage the student with rigorous instruction in a challenging, but supportive, environment. Instructors use positive reinforcement to provide balanced emphasis in classical and contemporary techniques in order to develop versatile healthy dancers. Select an option below to read specific class description.

Creative Movement (3-4 Years)

Young students are introduced to the fundamentals of dance through imaginative play, which enhances self-confidence and strengthens cognitive skills, coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness, and large motor skills.

Ballet (5-6 Years)

Students are instilled with ballet fundamentals and a focus on anatomical awareness, safe body alignment, and even weight distribution while also incorporating creative play elements.

Ballet Leveled (7-12 Years)

Building on the foundations instilled in Ballet for ages 5-6, these ballet classes will continue to grow the students dance vocabulary with a focus on anatomical correctness that includes safe body alignment and even weight distribution.
Leveled – Multiple instructors and studios have been booked for these time slots. The first week of classes students will participate in a group master class to assess how the group should be divided up in a way that everyone will be in a class environment that is supportive and helps them grow.

Beginning & Intermediate Ballet (9-18 Years)

Any age is a good age to begin ballet training. This class is ideal for dancers who want to be introduced to the foundational skills of ballet for the first time, students who took dance at a very young age and are now looking at getting back into dance, and students who have started their dance training but are not quite ready for our intermediate level. The course is structured to help prepare students to move into our Intermediate ballet course with a focus on anatomical correctness that includes safe body alignment and even weight distribution.

Ballet (12+ Years)

These classes combine instruction in classical and contemporary ballet techniques with a focus on anatomical correctness that includes safe body alignment and even weight distribution.

Courses Offered:

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate & Advanced

Pre-Pointe (11-18 Years)

This is a preparation class for our pointe program that focuses on strengthening ankles and working on proper alignment techniques. Students can wear either flat ballet shoes or demi-pointe shoes for this course until they have been approved for pointe shoes.

Pointe (12+ Years)

Continuing the focus on classical and contemporary ballet techniques, students develop skills while working in pointe shoes. Instructors work with students to determine the safest approach based on the individual’s foot structure. Approval is required for enrollment. These classes are traditionally for female dancers; however, male dancers may choose to attend in order to increase foot strength.

Courses Offered:

Beginning Pointe

Intermediate/Advanced Pointe


While exploring classical and contemporary forms of jazz dance, instructors focus on safe body alignment while emphasizing complex rhythmic patterns, vitality, coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Courses Offered:

Jazz for ages 5-6

Jazz (Leveled) for ages 7-12

Beginning & Intermediate Jazz for ages 12+

Intermediate & Advanced Jazz for ages 12+


Students learn dance techniques from classical modern to contemporary styles of movement. Instructors provide technical training and also help to develop the individual dancer’s creative expression.

Courses Offered:

Contemporary (Leveled) for ages 7-12

Intermediate & Advanced Contemporary for ages 12+

NEW! Musical Theatre Dance (12+ Years)

Exploring movement seen on stage during musicals, a combination of jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary styles will be studied in this class.

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